Aloha! I’m Tammy. I am the writer of the blog, “Be Happy in Kauai”.

I happily live in Kauai island with my born and raised Hawaiian husband and miniature schnauzer, Tommy since September of 2012.
I’ve gained a lot of hobbies since I moved to this beautiful island of Kauai.
-Hawaiian hula dance – I had the honor of dancing at Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa. I take classes to enjoy learning more. Meaning of the songs and movement are beautiful.
-lei making – It is a great opportunity to learn Hawaiian local flowers and plants.
The smell of the plumeria is amazing.
-Singing – It is just awesome to sing in the great nature of Kauai island!
I mede this ukulele from Kauai koa wood.
-Hawaiian quilt – different from the traditional quilt and patterning is very unique.
I am working on the king size duvet cover now.
-riding a motorcycle – I am a proud owner of a Harley Davidson and my husband has a Yamaha motor cycle. We enjoy riding together in Kauai island.
-outdoor activities – there are so many outdoor activities you can do on the island of Kauai! Kayaking, paddle board, surfing, hiking, biking etc…
-eating! – There are a lot of yummy places to eat in Kauai! I enjoy eating different cuisines.
See! Tammy’s life in Kauai sounds fun doesn’t it?
Tammy learned the lomi lomi massage technique and hot stone massage, nail care and Hawaiian quilt from the visits to Oahu island for years. I operated my own spa called Hawaiian Healing spa- Keni. Tammy lived happily in Japan with her family and a good job. However, after kids left the nest, I lost my husband, the love of my life, suddenly and I was in a bad place in my life. My kids were there to support me but they lived far away. In the situation, my dog, Tommy was always there for me. His smile and happy attitude cheered me up and I started seeing a light in a long tunnel.
One day, I got a call from a friend that lives in Hawaii and she asked me to come over to see her. When I went to see her, I met my current husband, Mike through the friend. I started a long distance relationship with him between Japan and Hawaii. After three trips to Japan and a handful of trips to Hawaii, he proposed to me in Waikiki. After receiving the visa to live in Hawaii, we got married!
I didn’t think I deserved another chance of happiness in my life when I was in the dark time in my life but being in Hawaii and surrounded by great people and nature made me hopeful for my life and now I enjoy everything that the islands of Hawaii offer. I wanted to share how I feel and what I experience in these amazing atmosphere of Hawaii so I started this blog from August 31st of 2015. I became happy again after I moved to Hawaii(second chance in life). That is why I named the title of this blog to be “Be Happy in Kauai”.
Since then, I achieved the first place on Japanese popular blog ranking in American travel category in 2017 and I keep increasing the number of thumbs up from Facebook!
I love hearing that information from my site was unique and helpful during the stay from the readers through messaging and facebook. Thank you so much!
I had the pleasure of being a gust speaker on the radio of “Hawaiian 8cafe” by Eimi Aoi and continue being a guest speaker from time to time to share my information and thoughts.
I get positive messages from non visitors which makes me want to write even better articles. They gave me some comments like love seeing beautiful pictures of the island of Kauai and feeling calm. Almost feels like I just visited there.
The comments like these make me feel like I was meant to become a writer to introduce all the happiness that I feel and experience in Hawaii.
Once you come to this island of Kauai and see all the smiles of people who live here, you will understand why Kauai spreads happiness! I am sure you will be happy in this island of Kauai!
I started getting some blog fans outside of Japan even through my blog is not written in English. There are a lot of requests made to start writing these articles in English. I am not a native English speaker so my English may be a little rough time to time but I started translating some pages. Hopefully as many people as possible get to read my blog and they find my information of Kauai, enjoyable and helpful when they visit.
Much Aloha! Tammy