Fun Outdoor activity in Kauai – Tubing tour

Aloha! People ask me about any fun activities that I recommend and can do in Kauai. One of the things I can suggest is Tubing! It is recommended from kids to grown ups! Let me tell you more about it:)

Tammy’s recommendation -Tubing tour in Kauai

People used transporting sugarcane along rivers back in the day but now they offer people to enjoy floats on tubes. These are not rapid streams, you just float on the slow and calm movement of the water down the river. There are some spots the stream gets little faster but nothing is extreme.
Some people may be worried that tube may flip over and they get tossed in a water but don’t worry. It is shallow water since this is the route people used to use for transportation so even if the tubes flipped over, it is not a difficult depth to stand and regroup.
Floating on a tube was so relaxing and make Tammy almost fall asleep. Tubing tour that I recommend in Kauai is offered by “Kauai Backcountry Adventures”.
”Kauai Backcountry Adventures ”offer this tubing tour in Hanamaulu, Kauai. They call this tour the Mountain Tubing Adventure. They also offer zip lining if you are interested in more than tubing.

Tammy experienced “Mountain Tubing Adventure!”

Let me explain how everything was on this tour! Tammy went ahead and made a reservation for this Mountain Tubing Adventure with “Kauai Backcountry Adventures”, so once we arrived we went to the office first to confirm our names and filled out liability forms.
They recommend for you to be there 30 minute before the tour starts so you have plenty of time to do this and they will go over some of the things you need to know before the tour and get yourself prepared for the tour.
The office is a warehouse looking building and you usually will see a tour van or two near by. When you face the office building, there is a big parking lot on your right side.
Once you enter the office building, you can view the video of tubing.
There is a gift shop as well. It is a good way to remember this day!
There is a changing room and restroom in this building. You can change before and after the tubing tour. They also offer Hawaiian coffee for free:)
Make sure you have a helmet and a pair of gloves before your departure for “Mountain Tubing Adventure”
The staff member will call you at the counter and hand off the correct size helmet and a pair of gloves before the departure.
There is a headlight on the helmet and they will explain it to you how they function since there are two different types of headlights, one with twist and turn on and the other is pushing a button.
The staff members were very caring and helpful and they will also double-check it with you to make sure you have the functional equipment by turning on the lights and trying on both helmets and gloves.

Let’s get in a van and start the tubing tour! 

Please make sure you carry out a helmet and gloves when you get in a can. I was with my friend, Mako, Ryoko and her son, Issa. We look like we are a group of explores right? lol.
They entertained us even in a car. During our ride, they asked out what’s our spirit animals  and favorite flavor of ice cream. My answer was dog for spirit animal and green tea flavor:)

Beautiful view during tubing tour! 

Before we start tubing, they made some spots that we could enjoy a magnificent view of the island. Kauai is known as green island which you can see in the picture. It feels like you can cleanse yourself by just looking at this scenery.
Tour itself is pretty popular and I recommend to book it sooner than later. I wanted to try this for a while but I couldn’t book for a while. We have a man and a women team as tour guides on this day.
Including some stops, it was about 30min van ride to the spot we started tubing.

I am so excited to start tubing! 

We were all excited to start tubing.
Any carry on items that you couldn’t take with you was stored in a box and staff member carried it to the spot we had lunch.
There are a lot of phones that are water proof or resistant so you can use to take a picture but it is good to have it in floating case so they would not go down the bottom of the river when you drop.
We walked about 5min to the spot where we start tubing. We could see some sugar cane, tall bamboos(some bamboo shoots which I wanted to harvest and eat it :))along the way.
As we follow the tour guides, we saw the stack of tubes which made us all excited more about the tour!
Always safety first when you have fun so one of the staff members demonstrated  before we start tubing. It is not just a talk so if you are visual learner or may not speak a great English, this will help you understand what you need to do.
First, we went down the steps and walked toward the river. Tubes were already floating in the river so you don’t have to carry them. One by one, we got on a tube by taking turns. Basically, you face backward to a tube and slowly sit on it as you see in pictures:)

Tour wouldn’t begin until everyone in the tour were on the tubes. Don’t worry! All the tubes are tied with ropes so they wouldn’t move until the staff member would remove them.
Here is the video of our tubing tour departure! It will start moving slowly first so you can ease into the tour.
River stream is not consistent. Based on the way you ride the tubes and weight, the speed you move may be different from people you are on the tour.
Staff members were always near by us when we had this tour so we felt comfortable and 10 year old boy, Issa enjoyed it very much even through his mother was not next to him.

You can see the pictures of him! Not only kids, but also the grown up people enjoy it too. You can tell by looking at the picture of my hubby.
Water is simmering and feels cooler to be floating. All of my friend, Ryoko and Mako were having so much fun!
This “Mountain Tubing adventure” is not only exciting but at the same time you feel relaxed and enjoy the nature in Kauai.

“Mountain Tubing Adventure” is not only relaxing but also exciting! 

As you see in pictures, everyone wore the helmets with headlights. There is a reason for that. Because you will go through caves along the way!
When we approached to the cave, one of the staff member in front would give you a heads up and say “lights on” so you would inform the people behind you to make sure everyone is ready for the cave excursion. Here we come!! Now we were in the cave!
Some people may get uncomfortable with this but I enjoyed it. You can see it clear of where you were facing. My friend, Ryoko was having too much fun!
Here is the video while we were in the cave.
The cave surface was covered with sparking rocks and minerals. Once the light was hit, it looked beautiful.
The one of the staff members started singing the song from Moana while we were in the cave. The voice was echoing as we moved and it was very nice. We went through total of four caves along the way. See not only relaxing but there are some exciting with it:) This is “Mountain Tubing Tour”
Her is the video of exiting the cave.
Once you go out from the cave, you appreciate the different shades of greens and lay down to your tube to see the blue sky in Kauai island offers.
 “Mountain Tubing Tour” offers the sound of stream along the way which is soothing to most people. Relaxation is needed for a happy life!
Once you get out of your tube and your feet are on the ground once again, they have lunch ready for you.

“Mountain Tubing Tour” comes with Pita Sandwich lunch:)

It is do-it-yourself style sandwich station with pita bread.
I made a sandwich with turkey and cheese. Of course I topped it off with Lettuce, alfalfa, olives, mayo and mustard. You could also ear Maui onion chips, chocolate chip cookies and water.
There was an area you can change so you can switch to a dry clothing and you don’t have to keep wet swimsuits on. It is about 30min rest with lunch so most of the people ended up wearing swimsuits while we ate. They also brought all the items that you checked in before you started the tubing at lunch spot.
After lunch was done, we got back in the van and went back to the office where we started. They don’t also mind getting back in the van with wet garment. If you have a towel, it is a good cutesy to have it down on the seat before you seat. It was about 15min ride back to the office.
There is no restroom at the location you would have lunch so you can use it when you go back to the office. You also have a changing area back in the office so you can change your cloth if you need to go somewhere after this adventure.

You can purchase pictures after you are done with “Mountain Tubing Tour”:)

You don’t have to bring the camera if you want to enjoy the moment but at the same time if you want to have some picture memory, you will be able to purchase some photos that staff members took throughout the tour. There are several computers in the office so you can take your time to go through some pictures and let them know which one you would like to purchase. If you are in a hurry to the next activity, don’t worry. you can go to “Kauai Backcountry Adventures” website offers to view and purchase pictures from there.
Now days, people have water proof camera or water proof cellphone (case) but it is always good to have options. If you rather take pictures with your phone, you can always get reasonable pricing waterproof case at ABC store.
Don’t you think you want to try this tour? It looks fun right?
Let me summarize what you need to know about “Mountain Tubing Tour” by “Kauai Backcountry adventures”.

What you need for “Mountain Tubing Tour”

[Somethings you can prepare yourself]
-water shoes(you can also rental/I don’t personally recommend flip flops. More than likely you will loose them along the tubing tour)
-swim suit or cloth that can be wet
-sun screen
-hat(if you wish)
-bug spray(recommended)
[something “Kauai Backcountry Adventures” prepare]
-helmet with head light
-lunch(sandwich, cookie, chips and water)
[“Mountain Tubing Tour” Pricing]
-$116 per person plus tax(please check with “Kauai Backcountry Adventures”/price may change)
[Things you need to know about “Mountain Tubing Tour”]
-Cancelation policy is 24hours prior notice to your booking. If you have a party of more than 6 people, you need to notify 72 hours prior to your reservation.
-You need to be older than 5 years old and need to be more than 43inch height to be able to participate for this activity
-Unfortunately, you cannot participate if you weight more than 300 pounds
-If you have spinal, hip, knee injury, this may not be a good activity for you.
-Please consult with your physician if you are pregnant.
-Children under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

“Mountain Tubing Tour” schedule

-They offer 6 different outing time: 8am, 9am, 10am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm
-You need to check in 30min before your adventure time at “Kauai Backcountry Adventure”
-Here is the link you can visit “Kauai Backcountry Adventure” site to sign up for the activity tour that they offer. You can choose the date that will work for you and easy to book your fun activity!

Kauai Backcountry Adventure” contact

*address: 3-4131 Kuhio Highway Lihue Hawaii 96766
*telephone: 808-245-2506
What do you think? Hope you want t to try “Mountain Tubing Tour” offered by “Kauai Backcountry Adventures”. It is one of the activity a whole family can enjoy and quite popular one so I recommend to book the tour sooner than later. I would always love to hear about this tour after you try 🙂
*Information may get changed or updated since I wrote the article. Please excuse me regarding to the changes you may find.
Much Aloha♡Tammy

Come to Kauai to meet Hawaiian Monk Seal!

Aloha!  Do you know about the “Hawaiian monk seal”?

They are known as “Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua” to native Hawaiian. They have a sort of calming and cute appearance.  They aren’t typically afraid of humans so you can find them sunbathing on Kauai beaches often. Just looking at them makes me feel very peaceful in a way^^


Why do you have to go to an aquarium if you can see Hawaiian monk seals up close in person in Kauai?

Hawaiian monk seal lives in the Northwestern part of Hawaii islands. They live a pretty quiet life eating fish and mollusk from the beautiful Hawaiian sea. Males are about 2m10cm(6.8 ft) and weigh 150-200kg(330-440lbs). Females are usually bigger and they are about 2m30cm(7.5ft) and weigh 250-270kg551-595lbs. Females tends to have their first baby at 5 years old. Their average lifespan is about 30years.

Look at this picture that I took at Kauai beach! Look at how cute they can be!!

However, this adorable Hawaiian monk seal is an endangered species.


Currently, Hawaiian monk seal is marked as a conservation animal.

Unfortunately, the population of Hawaii islands increases and the increasing number of tourist caused people to develop and interfere with Hawaiian monk seal’s living area., which caused the Hawaiian monk seal to neglect nursing and decreased their surviving numbers. We are very sorry…., Hawaiian Monk Seal… : (

Additionally, the number of sharks have increased, more commercial fishing, and poison caused by coral demolition, have all made the Hawaiian Monk Seal’s existence even more difficult and as a result, their numbers have decreased. Because of all this, when a Hawaiian Monk seal comes up to the beach and starts sunbathing with their belly up like these pictures above, a volunteer member or a lifesaver immediately puts the tape around the Hawaiian Monk Seal and put up the sign like this along with it.

This is what we, people in Kauai, can do to make it up to them.  

We protect Hawaiian Monk Seals and that is why they can take a peaceful nap like this^^


Please be a part of helping Hawaiian Monk Seal by keeping the ocean clean^^

I saw the sad news about Hawaiian Monk Seal earlier this year. It was about Hawaiian Monk Seal who was laying down on a beach sickly.  Volunteers found him and he was in surgery as soon as possible but it was too late and he lost his life on the table. Doctors found out he swallowed a plastic bag, which caused blockage in the intestines. Plastic bags are common items that people bring to the beach. A lot of marine organisms often mistake plastic bags as their food since in their eyes they looks like octopuses and squids. They can’t clearly identify. I am spreading the message the newscaster was airing through this blog. Please do not leave anything that does not belong at the beach or ocean when you leave. Please keep the beach clean for any marine organism out there. They will appreciate any cooperation^^


I met a Hawaiian Monk Seal at glass beach in Kauai!

You are free to just look at Hawaiian Monk Seals quietly from the distance(sounds a little creepy but you know what I mean…) Look at another picture of it. Sooo peaceful!!!

It may be hard to tell from the picture but this one is covered with sand and you can tell the belly was going up and down and completely feeling at ease. Hehe^^  The younger they are, the darker their appearance is. Here is another one up close! Can you see the eyes are closed? This body form give me a familiar feeling and similarity of my body. Haha.

They look pretty darn cute in pictures but when you meet in person, they are even cuter! There is nothing like meeting Hawaiian Monk Seal at one of the beautiful Kauai beaches up close, not at aquarium. It moves your heart! I find myself going to the beach they appear often, hoping I will run into one. Just sitting at the beach and looking at a napping Hawaiian Monk Seal with a calming wave crashing sounds is pure relaxing and peaceful moment. All photos are taken by me when I saw them at the beach in Kauai.

Do you see something sparkling in sand?

As I mentioned in the title, this beach is known as glass beach. Because the sand at this beach includes a lot of glass pieces like these. There are from regular bottles and such but over years, they became round edge smaller pieces because of  all the traveling they went through the waves in ocean. My hubby says it used to be a lot more and had a lot of sparkling in the sand but as the word spread about this beach tourists took so many pieces of this beach and it is not the same as before anymore. It is still beautiful but it is sad that people lose respect and do not protect what the place offers. Just take the memory with you not what belongs in the island… makes me a little sad. It holds a value because they are where they belong. Don’t worry I only take pictures of them and left the glass pieces there. This beach has a lot of rocks so it is not suitable for swimming.

This beach is very close from my place. I live in the small town called Hanapepe,Kauai and it is about 5 minutes away. When you turn left from Port Allen, it will be less than a minute of driving. You will see the beach on your right next to factory.


A couple reminders to Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kauai

If you are lucky enough to meet Hawaiian Monk Seal, please promise me some things.  One, don’t get too excited and scream. They don’t like too much noise around them. Second, please do NOT take pictures with flash. They are pretty sensitive to lights like that. Third, Never touch them!! I know my words may not mean anything to you but I have to inform you of this as a resident of Kauai island. I promise just watching them quietly in beautiful ocean and beach is enough.


Poipu Beach in Kauai is another spot for seeing Hawaiian Monk Seal!

Additional note for you! Not only this glass beach, but you also have a high chance of meeting Hawaiian Monk Seal at Poipu beach! Poipu beach is located in the south part of the island. This is my favorite beach in Kauai. This picture is also taken by me when I met a Hawaiian Monk Seal at Poipu beach.

Poipu beach is one of the popular destinations among Kauai island so usually you see a crowd of people and see more kids around since wave is not so strong at this beach. However, Hawaiian Monk Seal likes to come here and sunbath in the middle of the beach for a while and then go back in a water.

Poipu beach is pretty wide and large compared to other beaches in Kauai which include the area for surfing and body board. However, some parts of the beach are too shallow and those water sports are prohibited. That is where Hawaiian Monk Seal likes to go! Lifeguard on duty usually watch Hawaiian Monk Seal to protect them as well as us, humans! Hawaiian Monk Seal probably knows Lifeguard protects them if they take a nap here. That is why they keep coming back to the same spot even it gets little busier sometimes.

As my thank you, I posted the picture with one of the life guard. I biked to the beach so I have a helmet on… just in case you are wondering…  haha. FYI… In the state of Hawaii, helmet is optional for motorcycle BUT you MUST wear a helmet when you are on a bicycle.

As you also figured by reading this, Poipu beach will give you the highest percentage of seeing Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kauai. You can also try Glass beach(as I mentioned earlier) or Hanapepe beach. My friends told me they met them in North shore of Kauai island, too so if you are lucky, you will be able to see adorable creature like Hawaiian monk seal!

After reading this article, don’t you want to meet Hawaiian Monk Seal in person in Kauai?  As I find them, I will keep you updated where I see them!

Much Aloha Tammy!



Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kauai– Update April, 2016

This is also another picture that I took when I saw a Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kauai. This one found a good spot that was right on the edge so the sun is warm but still can feel a little bit of water ; ) 

I had to take a selfie with a cute Hawaiian Monk Seal! My body looks like them so it will be uncanny when I lay next to that cute one.


Hawaiian Monk Seal  in Kauai – Update August, 2016

This photo was taken by one of my blog readers “Being Happy in Kauai” Hawaiian Monk Seal number 339. What a great shot! How do we know this one is 339? They keep up with them very well so you can see the sign like this and get to know them a little more. I just wish they can come up with names like Hurricanes. Apparently, he came to this beach around 9:30am and stayed until 5pm. He didn’t take a nap, it was a good long sleep! Must be a very good day for him!!


Hawaiian Monk Seal  in Kauai – Update May, 2017

This photo was taken in Poipu Beach again. This was send from one of my readers “Being Happy in Kauai” I have never seen three in a row sleeping like this! That is why I was wondering if they are family like father, mother and a child or three brothers and sisters? The reader of my blog, Michiyo found them sunbathing on the right side of Poipu beach near rocks.

Hawaiian Monk Seals will give you calm feeling just looking at them.


Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kauai – Update , August, 2017

Look at him swim! Of course, they are good swimmers. Another reader of my blog “ Be Happy in Kauai”, Ryoko and Masako met this swimming Hawaiian Monk Seals from the ocean on to Poipu Beach.


Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kauai- Update August, 2018

Sometimes you can meet two of them like this. Another reader of my blog “ Be Happy in Kauai”, Yoshiko met this moving Hawaiian Monk Seal on Poipu beach. So cute♡


Hawaiian Monk Seal in Kauai- Update August, 2018

Another reader of my blog “ Be Happy in Kauai”, Mana met this moving Hawaiian Monk Seal on Kappa beach. Look at this Hawaiian Monk Seal’s face! His face heals us♡

Mana took a video, too.


Unfortunately, you can not take Hawaiian Monk Seal but you can get a stuffed animal toy as a memory instead. Haha!

Please come to Kauai to meet Hawaiian Monk Seal!

*Information may get changed or updated since I wrote the article. Please excuse me regarding to the changes you may find.

Much Aloha♡Tammy